What`s different about Acceptance & Commitment therapy (ACT), is it for me ?

ACT is a talking based therapy, there will be talking, listening and exploring – just like most other counselling approaches.  Whilst it acknowledges and brings in the influence of the past, it is not the main focus.  An important part of ACT is  trying things a different way and learning new skills.  It is therefore quite active and experiential.  However the way in which we work is centred around you, working at your pace and not about following a set of procedures. It is a mindfulness based, values directed therapy.  This does not involve formal or long meditative practices, it`s about being aware of the present moment (that’s the mindfulness part) in order to be able to take actions that are in a direction that’s meaningful to your life (the values part).

How many sessions do you offer & how long are they ?

The sessions are 50 minutes long.  The number of sessions and the frequency of the sessions depends on what seems most useful to you.  Generally, I work with people for 6-12 sessions, though this is not absolute.  We will discuss the continuation of our work on a regular basis.

When do you offer appointments ?

This is variable and partly depends on therapy room availability at the premises I use.  At the moment, I offer sessions from Cornerstone Counselling & Therapy centre, S11 on Thursday evenings.  I may also be offering sessions during Thursday daytime and Wednesdays on Rustlings road (near Hunters bar).  I am not able to offer weekend appointments.  

What is the cost of sessions ?

The sessions cost £45.  A concessionary rate (£30) may be available.  

What if I need to Cancel ?

I appreciate that due to unexpected events or illness on occasions appointments need to be cancelled.  If less than 24 hours notice is given, it will be necessary to charge the full cost of the appointment (unless we are able to  re-schedule the same week).  If I need to cancel, I will give you as much notice as I am able.  Due to the cost incurred in room hire, if less than 48 hours notice is given, I will need to charge 50% of the session cost. 

If you would like to ask anything further then please do get in touch.



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