I work with adults struggling with anxiety or depression, supporting them to move towards doing more of what matters in their life.


  • Is anxiety and/or depression having an impact on your day to day life ? 

  • Are your experiences affecting your relationship with yourself and with others ?

  • Have you noticed yourself doing more things to cope that you know are not taking you in a direction you want to go ?


My focus and hopes for our work together is to enable you to;

  • Work out more about what you are experiencing. 

  • Handle the difficult, confusing or painful things such that they begin to have less influence in your life.

  •  Get unstuck with trying to control or get rid of certain thoughts and feelings.

  • Work out what matters and move towards doing more of whatever  that is.

Jayne (26)

I`m Jayne and I am a Counsellor experienced in working with a variety of life situations and experiences. I aim to facilitate a space in which we can hold acceptance and compassion for our struggles and mistakes as imperfect humans living in a challenging and often unforgiving world.

In our work together, I hope to have a sense of seeing your life through your eyes and being in your skin, as best I can.  In order for this to feel possible, our relationship is very important in our work together.  I endeavour to provide a safe  space, in which we can develop the trust to work in this way.




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